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You always heard of Chandabrook as a bustling but peaceful town. Now, however, there are guard patrols everywhere, road blocks, and people gathering their belongings as if preparing to flee if they have to.
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 8+
Location Chandabrook (Leafy Forest)
Inhabitants Traveling Soldier, Riding Instructor, Young Girl, Stable Owner, Sage

Quests Edit

  • Talk to Wallace the Traveling Soldier
    • Stamina: 2
    • Experience: 25
    • Item Drop: 100% (Chain armor)
  • Riding Lessons
    • Stamina: 2
    • Gold: 100-130
    • Experience: +4
    • Item Drop: 45% (Ribbon)
  • Talk to Claire (a Young Girl - stable hand)
    • Stamina: 2; 3x Ribbons
    • Experience: 20
    • Item Drop: 100% (Horseshoe Hammer)
  • Talk to Dupkin (the Stable Owner)



  • Head West into the Leafy Forest Towards Granitewood
  • Head South to Leafy Forest Beach
    • Stamina: 1
    • Goes to West Leafy Forest Beach (traveled in on when starting)
  • Head East into the Leafy Forest Towards Throncrest


Wallace, Claire, Dupkin, Sage


Ribbon, Long Sword, Chainmail, Horseshoe Hammer, Horses, Mushroom, Sprite